Why we switched from SiteGround to inMotion Hosting?

Siteground has been our number one option for hosting for the past couple of years. The reason we choose SiteGround in the first place is that it’s one of the best options in terms of customer support, availability, and speed.  In the 2 years of hosting with SiteGround, we had no issues at all and we received blazingly fast customer response from the support team both for technical and nontechnical issues.

Why we finally decided to stop using SiteGround for web hosting?

It was a perfect platform but unfortunately, they introduced a new control panel to replace the industry-standard cPanel. This was a heartbreaking moment for us as we had multiple concerns with using a new control panel, the list of reasons that motivated us to not use SiteGround anymore is listed below.

  • Many developers have spent years familiarizing with a vast variety of features offered by cPanel, you can’t really expect them to quickly ramp up a new platform.
  • cPanel has been industry standard with most of the major hosting providers offering it for their customers. If each hosting provider has its own control panel then it makes it very confusing for web developers to transfer their websites across hosting providers.
  • At the time, of launch, the control panel of SiteGround restricted us to move files across different sites in the same account. We wanted unrestricted access to the file system.
  • There were other tools that were missing from SiteGround’s new control panel which were present in cPanel, at this point we didn’t explore the limitations and decided to move to another hosting provider.

Who should consider using SiteGround?

Don’t let the limitations scare you in choosing SiteGround if this is your first website, WordPress blog or you don’t like to get into technical aspects of hosting websites. SiteGround is one of the highest-rated provider and a great choice irrespective of the control panel they expose. I see that this new control panel as a way for users with little technical background to seamlessly deploy their websites.

Who should consider using other hosting providers?

If your team consists of web developers that have even a little technical experience then it makes sense to use cPanel the control panel for your websites. That doesn’t mean that users without any technical experience won’t be able to do the same. There are thousands of resources and support articles on using cPanel that can guide a beginner to easily set up a website. It also makes sense for users to learn cPanel tools as it will be a one time task as most other hosting provider offers it.

What motivated us to switch to inMotion Hosting?

We are very familiar with cPanel and wanted a provider that doesn’t restrict us in any way from all the rich features of cPanel.  inMotion hosting is also one of the top-rated hosting providers that offers cPanel to their customers. We found that the available plans offered by inMotion hosting are much better for our needs as compared to other leading hosting providers like BlueHost and A2Hosting. Our factors that went into making this decision included the cost of hosting, ease of changing plan, server availability, and average response time across different locations.

The decision to change the hosting provider or hosting plans is an option that you should constantly consider as your website changes and your requirements grow. For now, we find inMotion hosting to be covering all our requirements and we haven’t seen any issues yet. We plan to continue using it for the foreseeable future.

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