Best free HTML text editors for windows, MAC and Linux OS.

You use MS Word to write Document (.doc) files, similarly you need an editor to write and save html files. You can save your html files using Notepad which comes pre-installed with your Windows. But using notepad has its own disadvantages. When you write long HTML documents the structure becomes complicated and notepad simply displays all text in black without any formatting, while other editors help with understanding the structure with the help of color schemes and other things. There are very limited features available in notepad for instance limited no of encoding schemes available.
The following free Software are a must have for all the web developers.

Notepad ++

This is simply the best editor for creating and editing HTML files. Its absolutely free to download and use. No editor can match it’s simplicity and the feature provided by this software. It’s very easy to use and highly recommended for beginners. With its simple white background , excellent coloring scheme and the vast set of features this is the best editor for HTML document. You can download it here. Apple users can’t enjoy this editor as the version of Notepad++ for Mac has not yet been developed.

Notepad ++

Sublime Text

This text editor has a slick user interface. The default background color is dark grey, which can be changed if you like to. I use this editor because it’s more sophisticated and the color scheme is absolutely beautiful. This software is available for Windows , Apple and Linux devices. You can download the trial version and use it for free. The only disadvantage with unregistered/trial version is that a pop-up appears asking you to buy the license every once in a while which you can hide. You can buy the license to make your copy registered for $70 if you like.  Download it here.


Developed by the people at GitHub. It’s a free and open source software. The developer of Atom call it ‘a hackable text editor’. It’s highly customization and comes loaded with a few pre-existing themes. Atom is available for Windows , MAC and Linux. There is no license issue as compared to sublime text. It is suitable for advance users as well as beginners. You can download Atom here. We will be using this editor as it is free, available for all operating systems and the makes coding easier.

atom text editor


Final Verdict: The best text editor from the above list is Atom, it’s free for all the operating systems, you don’t have to buy any license, and is very easy to use. And the biggest plus point is that it is an open source project. Advance users should try Bracket, which provides exceptional features such as Live Preview of changes made in HTML document in Google Chrome browser.

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